Screw-Rim Mouthpieces

Screw-rim mouthpieces enable a player to combine any rim with any cup or any shank. Players can switch from trumpet to fluegelhorn to cornet, from a rich symphonic tone to screaming jazz, or from an instrument with a standard mouthpiece receiver to another with an unusual taper—all using the rim that is most familiar and comfortable to them. Screw-rim mouthpieces also allow for cup/rim combinations that cannot be manufactured as solid mouthpieces.

Be aware that all rims will not “match-up” with all underparts. For proper fit, the cup diameter of the underpart should be the same as or smaller than the inside diameter of the rim. Underparts smaller in diameter can be hand machined to match the larger rim. (Smaller underparts should not be used unless machined to match the larger rim.) If a player tries to match a large diameter underpart to a smaller diameter rim, an “overhang” occurs in the cup. This may adversely affect the playing qualities of the mouthpiece.